Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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Hey Everyone, first off I want to say thank you to everyone for all of your comments and suggestions (last post) and any comments on any post for that matter..It is always wonderful to hear all your opinions and what you have to say!.. For now I think I am just going to keep doing what I'm doing but maybe sometime soon i will switch it up a little! ;)

also, sorry i have been lame about postings lately.. i had a really crazy weekend and.... it's a long story but now i am left with a broken arm! :( so things might be slow for a while but i will try to keep up!



smartheit said...

oh NO! broken arm??!!

all the best to you...hopefully you will keep up pace and BLOGG!

...you have to I just told my friends about this blog ;-)


mandi said...

omg i'm so sorry about your broken arm :(
i've never broken a bone in my life ::knock on wood:: so i can't say i've been there but get well soon girl!

you should def introduce yourself via photobooth, that's a great idea!!! i really love your post, these louboutin's are my fave..

much love.

Popp said...

Poor you! I think I broke something in my hand yesterday, so I know what it's like! It's so annoying! Anyways, great blog!

Popp said...

And thanks for commenting;)

Anika said...

Oooh, hope the arm is okay stat.

I love those shoes...I bought some knock-offs but they don't have the outrageous pointy studs on the front of the shoes so may have to d.i.y. that :D