Friday, February 6, 2009


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Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a great weekend... ;)

p.s. So I have been thinking a lot about this blog and what i really want to do with it..It started off just being a place to post all the inspiring pictures i collect ( I have waaaay to many) but since starting it i've just collected more and more and i will never be able to post them all... I have been thinking about maybe making it a little more personal.. I donno... what does everyone think? what do you guys want to see?


♥ fashion chalet said...


PS- I adore your profile blog photo! =]


Cecelia said...

there's so many great photos here! I think you should just keep on posting them... Lovely inspiration^^

Ashton said...

a blog is for whatever you'd like it to be!

i love these tights

smartheit said...

thats a great idea - I just start following and I LOVE IT!
we got the same tase :-)

I started blogging just weeks ago and hopfully I will come to the same conclusion as you maaaaaaany pictures and what to do with them!!

but a little personality as well is always fun, good luck girl!

LoveMore said...

hey girl! thanks for the comment! :)

and in response to your dilema here...

i think do whatever you feel (as Ashton said)..i started the same as you....was not going to be personal AT ALL..was so scared of the thought at puting myself out there for all to see type thing...and now look at my blog? haha. but it's fun i think...and can always just pull the plug on the whole thing if i choose to...(don't worry not anytime soon!!!) but yeah....go with your gut feeling!

it would be lovely to know more about you though!

happy weeekend!

xxx LM

yiqin; said...

Amazing photo! Great shoes, great tights! Perfect

La Couturier said...

all those tights look so fabulous; i love them all!

it's your blog! anything is fine!

La C.

Linnéa said...

haha, I have it at the same way! I collect to much photos!! But I can't stop >< I think personal blogs are nice, but I also love blogs that post lots of beautiful photos <3 I need to get inspired !
btw I have given you an award.

zoë said...

i, personally, think it's a wonderful idea .

stay in touch love xx .

mandi said...

i'm in love with your blog just the way it is, but i definately wouldn't mind learning a bit more about yourself as well. i post both on mine. sometimes personal pictures of myself, sometimes pictures of inspiring photos i have saved on my computer. it's whatever you like, after all it is your blog!

oh & btw, those tights are amazingggg. every single one of them :)

much love.

Anonymous said...